RMP-5: Rhythm Coach

Lesson Plans

RMP-5: Rhythm Coach

Complete lesson plans and activities include the National Standard met and necessary equipment and materials. Designed for a variety of ages and skill levels. All original. All free.

  • Downbeats
    Using a CD, MIDI, or MP3 audio file, drum on the FIRST beat of each measure. This is the downbeat. Use a variety of time signatures.
  • Upbeats
    Using a CD, MIDI, or MP3 audio file in 4/4 time, drum on the SECOND and FOURTH beat of each measure. This is the upbeat.
  • Time Check
    Built-in activity with RMP5 to check accuracy of timing in many different time signatures and rhythm patterns.
  • Steady Beat Play Along
    Using the MIX IN MP3 connection, students drum with their favorite music.
  • Listen!
    In pairs, students write a rhythm pattern that matches a given piece of music.

Teacher Features

  • Quality Sound & Sensitivity
  • Advanced Metronome
  • Built-in Rhythm Patterns
  • Mix input for CD/MP3 play
  • Easy-to-read display

Education Benefits and Applications

  • Experience acoustic feel mesh head.
  • Game-like practice with on-board rhythm trainer.
  • Time Check and Stroke Balance create self-correcting timing activities.
  • Graded Performance option for tracking progress and reward success.
  • Easily expandable to create 3-part drum kit.
  • Lightweight (under 3 pounds) and portable (runs on one 9V battery).
  • Easily connect headphones, audio devices (MP3 players) and other digital instruments for quiet ensemble practice.

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