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Along with providing technological solutions, Roland is also committed to providing valuable resources to enhance your skills as a music educator.

If you’re looking for a different way to teach a concept, help for tackling a new challenge or materials to supplement your teaching, you’ve come to the right place. Our desire is to help you inspire!

Workshop Materials

To help you get the most from your Roland/BOSS/Cakewalk products, we’ve created the free, downloadable Workshop Materials that take you deeper than you can go using a manual alone. »

MIDI Disk Publishers

MIDI is still an important tool in many teaching situations, whether you're using a digital piano with built-in sounds or an external MIDI sound module. We're here to provide quick access to the music publishers that provide Standard MIDI Files (SMF) for their materials. »


Whether you are a music teacher or student, it seems there's always something new to learn. Download detailed lesson plans that are a great resource for teachers and students of all ages and instruments. »


We know that when it comes to learning, the printed word is often just a starting point. With that in mind, below are some audio/video resources to enhance your growth as a music educator. »


The documents you find here will provide all of the information you need to provide a solid foundation in MIDI, mixing, and recording. »

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