As music technology becomes easier to use and more commonplace in education, a basic understanding of MIDI, mixing and recording (both live and in the studio) has become an important part of many music educator’s skill set. The documents you find here will provide all of the information you need to provide a solid foundation…and possibly more.

  • Basics of Mixing

    For anyone who’s ever found the subject of mixing music overwhelming, this booklet’s for you. It explains both the science and art of mixing, with clear discussions of both the technical and aesthetic aspects of mixing that any good mixer needs to know.


  • Basics of Modern Recording

    Each Roland/BOSS V-Studio and BR-family recorder is a recording studio-in-a-box. This booklet provides a detailed explanation of recording, mixing, and mastering on a V-Studio. Much of what’s discussed also applies to BR recorders.


  • InFocus 01: An Introduction to MIDI

    Roland’s InFocus booklets provide important basic background information that can help you get the most out of your Roland/BOSS/Edirol products. An Introduction to MIDI provides the basic foundation to understanding MIDI and how it can work with your music gear.


  • InFocus 02: Roland’s Librarian Software

    If you’re the kind of person who digs into your Roland/BOSS gear, odds are you go way beyond factory patches and settings. It’s for users like you that we include a computer-based Librarian application for backing up and organizing your data. This booklet explains the Roland/BOSS Librarian.


  • Intro to Digital Mixing

    The center of any digital recording studio is the digital mixer, the subject of this booklet. In the booklet, you’ll find explanations of important digital-mixer concepts and operations, with an emphasis on the benefits of digital mixing with Roland’s digital mixers.


  • Intro to Recording Your Own CD

    We’re lucky to be living at a time when anyone’s home can be a recording studio. This booklet offers provides an easy-to-read general introduction to digital recording. Designed for beginners, it walks the reader through this world of new musical possibilities with simple explanations and lots of illustrations.


  • Resolving Grounding Problems

    If you’re working with Roland/BOSS/EDIROL gear or any other audio equipment, you may find that you’re hearing an unwanted humming sound in the background. This annoying sound is most likely grounding noise, and it can be tricky to diagnose and resolve.


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