HP-302: Digital Piano

Lesson Plans

HP-302: Digital Piano

Preview and Print detailed lesson plans and activities, including the National Standard met and necessary equipment and materials. Designed for a variety of ages and skill levels. All original. All free.

  • Sound Detectives
    Study the instrument families. Identify the instrument tones within a piece using the Tone categories. Explore a variety of categories.
  • Steps Copy Cat Game
    In pairs students practice pitch accuracy by singing the note names and matching the pitch. Repeat by stepping up and stepping down the keyboard.
  • Hands Free Accompany
    Record yourself to create a performance track. Change the tempo to speed up and slow down the recording while practicing. Change the key on playback.
  • Steady Beat
    Using song files study the purpose of and how to recognize the pulse in music. Discover downbeats and counting a steady beat.
  • Vocal Warm-Up
    Using a vocal exercise, use the Transpose to sing higher and lower than the original piece. Sing higher and lower. Use a variety of keys.

Teacher Features

  • Exceptional Sound
  • Authentic Grand Piano Feel
  • Twin Piano Mode
  • Transpose and Record
  • Variety of Instrument Tones

Education Benefits and Applications

  • Experience quality piano sound on an 88-key instrument.
  • Same natural response as a grand piano, ensuring correct technique.
  • Perfectly in tune with no maintenance required.
  • Easily transpose.
  • One-Touch Twin Piano creates two Middle Cs, allowing two students per piano, even when an RCS-848 Conferencing System is in use.
  • Quickly record for hands-free classroom rehearsal and performance.
  • Select instrument tones to teach orchestration or record accompaniments.
  • Access unavailable instruments digitally, adding to live performance options.
  • Supplement drama performances with sound effects.

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