V-Drums® Lab Teaching Tips


A Roland V-Drums lab can add new levels of excitement and creativity to your music program. And incorporating the built-in technology of the Roland V-Drums can enhance your class program whether your goal is to build up better listening skills, develop a student’s natural rhythm or teach the skills needed to play in an ensemble. Select from the study areas below to find practice tips on ways to supplement your existing curriculum with Roland's V-Drums Advantage.

  • Rhythm Training
    Developing consistent rhythm is essential for drummers of any skill level. Here are some practice tips to develop a strong sense of rhythm.
  • Sounds and Styles
    Drummers need to know how to effectively play many types of music — each with their own style and sounds. Here are some practice tips designed to explore various musical styles.
  • Ensemble Play
    Play with a group requires strong listening skills and concentration — and it’s just plain fun! Here are some ideas for creating the perfect ensemble experience.

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